Knowledge and competence

Take advantage of our experience since 1990.


The strengthening of existing potential in your company or your personality for management and consulting is our goal. Your success increases so significantly and sustainably, because education is a profitable investment that bears fruit immediately and also in future.
Since 1990, more than 3,000 participants have trusted in our customized success training. Famous international lecturers at the highest level have both the expertise and the skills, to optimally pass on their useful practical knowledge. Excellent evaluation results and references demonstrate this impressively.

Within the network and at the centre of the top brains in the field as well as in close cooperation with famous universities, we foresee the latest trends and recognize sustainable meta-themes. A pleasant atmosphere and a motivating feeling of pleasure for learning intensify the immediate practical effect.

Take advantage of this strength and be inspired by our success!



Business Innovation Mediation
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The trainings of the FALK Group are exquisite compositions for the transfer of our unique practical experiences. Only practical knowledge is useful knowledge. Therefore, we have developed since 1990, in cooperation with professorial practitioners from Harvard and practice-oriented theorists, modern forms of experience-based learning that allow a gradient of effectivity up to 90%. The value of 1.28 as an average for satisfaction from more than 3,000 blank samples and our references prove this convincingly.


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