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The FGI Business Mediation Advisory is steadily growing nationally and internationally. Our know-how has been called up early on by EU-countries and has been cooperatively internationalized. We were trusted the administration of cross-border business mediation, as e.g. the helicopter catastrophe of Sölden, airport Bozen or the mediation training of the chamber of commerce of South Tyrol as well as an EU-project in the Ministry of Justice of Croatia and many more.

Due to the legislation of civil law mediation, which is mandatory since 2011 all over Europe , we develop standardized solutions for international companies, which can be transmitted across national borders to all business contexts.

All this requires competent partners in a group that can deliver excellent results on all levels nearby business mediation, as in particular human resources and organizational development as well as process consulting.



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If you add the avoidable costs of such conflicts and the lost benefit of reasonable solutions, you will get more than 100 million euro damage a year.


He contributed to consensual solutions in disputed airport constructions as well in better conclusions of neighborhood disputes, company transfers or the proceeding concerning nine German who were killed 2005 in their cabin by a helicopter load.

Mediation is necessary in all places where two or more business partners get into a conflict that begins to get a legal character.

This is a very important sign of the provincial government which in this way discusses on the same level with affected persons, advocates and opponents and expresses its seriousness in finding a solution. After all, it is the provincial government to make the decision.


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